Origin 8 Limited, a prominent Marketing communications company, has established a partnership with bASE_JUMP™ Limited, a specialized business consulting services company. This collaboration aims to deliver high-quality services to clients in Ghana and across international markets.

bASE_JUMP™  offers a practical and result-oriented approach to executing strategic mandates, projects, and initiatives. With a focus on planning and collaboration, they assist businesses in formulating personalized execution plans to commence and successfully deliver their mandates and initiatives right from the onset.

bASE_JUMP™  actively engages with stakeholders to gain a comprehensive understanding of the client’s strategy. This collaborative approach allows them to align their execution plans with the client’s overarching goals and objectives. By focusing on the three critical components of people, processes, and systems, bASE_JUMP™  ensures that all aspects of the business are taken into account during the execution phase.

Founded by Francis Buamah (Chief Execution Champion), bASE_JUMP™  is committed to ensuring businesses achieve timely execution, adherence to budgetary constraints, and meet international quality benchmarks.

Services of bASE_JUMP™  includes but is not only limited to; Business Strategy execution, Digital learning technology (e-learning) off the shelf E- learning content, Kesdee financial content, Bespoke financial content, content digitalization, learning technology and E-library and International Executive Training Courses in United Kingdom, USA and UAE.

With bASE_JUMP™’s mission of making execution happen and Origin 8 Limited’s commitment to excellence, businesses can expect comprehensive support in successfully implementing their strategic mandates, projects, and initiatives.