Policy Number: HRP002/2021

Policy Statement: We are committed to creating a work environment free from racial discrimination, harassment and other forms of discrimination at work and among our staff, suppliers and vendors.


  • The Human Resource Manager, one other Manager, and one Employee form a steering committee called the ‘Anti-Discrimination Committee The Anti-Discrimination Committee is responsible for communicating and managing this policy.
  • The Anti-Discrimination Committee decides on what constitutes acceptable standards of behaviour in the Company.
  • The Anti-Discrimination Committee deals with complaints about racial discrimination, harassment and other forms of discrimination.
  • Racial Discrimination is behaviour that disadvantages people on the basis of their real (or supposed) race, colour, nationality, descent or ethnic or ethnoreligious or national origin.
  • The Anti-Discrimination Committee will educate and refresh staff knowledge on this policy from time to time.
  • All staff, vendors and suppliers must be made aware of this policy.


Origin8 discourages racial discrimination and other forms of discrimination and works through the Anti-Discrimination Committee to address these through the following steps:

Step 1: Any staff, vendor or supplier who is discriminated against must inform the Anti-Discrimination Committee in writing.
Step 2: The Committee shall investigate the complaint sensitively within 8 working days and make a recommendation to Management.
Step 3: Management would implement the recommendation or review the recommendation and implement it.
Step 4: The complainant shall be informed of the measures taken by the company to rectify the discrimination in writing. An aggrieved person who is not satisfied with the recommendation of the Committee may petition the Chief Executive in writing within 5 working days.
Step 5: If the complainant is not satisfied with the outcome of the investigation, he or she shall petition the Chief Executive Officer within five (5) working days.
Step 6: The Chief Executive Officer would communicate a decision on the petition to the Complainant within seven (7) working days.

Policy Number: HRPOOI / 2021

Policy Statement: We provide quality service in ways that have a minimal negative impact on the environment.

Our Policies are:

  • We use water and electricity efficiently by switching off lights and air-conditioners when they are not in use.
  • We minimize our waste and reuse papers or recycle items as much as is possible. E-mails are the preferred means of sending documents among staff to save paper and ultimately trees.
  • We purchase products and services that do the least damage to the environment as much as practicable.
  • We encourage our Vendors and Suppliers to use environmentally friendly materials in their productions.
  • We encourage our staff to work in an environmentally responsible manner.
  • We engage our Clients, Vendors, and Suppliers through e-mail and telephone most of the time the minimize use of fuel and its impact on the environment.

Policy Number: HRP003/2021


The Company shall provide, at all times, a safe and healthy working environment for all staff, suppliers, vendors, clients, and visitors.


This health and safety policy should be a joint effort of the Company, staff, suppliers, vendors, clients, and visitors.

  • Employees, suppliers, vendors, clients, and visitors are expected to perform their duties and activities in a safe and healthy manner and are accountable for the Health and Safety of themselves and others.
  • All employees, vendors, and suppliers shall be oriented on all safety rules, regulations, systems, and procedures.
  • This policy shall be reviewed annually to conform to best practices.
  • All employees, vendors, and suppliers shall undergo safety training at least once a year.
  • The company shall formulate and circulate copies of its safety rules, regulations, systems, policy, and procedures to all employees.
  • The company shall mark as such, all dangerous areas where employees need to take precautions.
  • The company shall provide at its cost, protective clothing to all staff whose work demand so.
  • Employees, vendors, and suppliers who disregard safety rules at work shall face disciplinary procedures.
  • An employee’s safety record shall constitute part of the criteria for promotion into higher roles in the company. A supplier or vendor’s safety record shall be one of the bases for continuous business.
  • An employee, vendors, and suppliers who identify any hazard shall report it to the Health and Safety Committee or his supervisor.
  • In the course of work, employees who identify any hazard shall leave the job and immediately report it to their immediate supervisor.
  • The Human Resource Manager shall circulate copies of this policy to all line managers and supervisors.
  • The Health and Safety Committee shall regularly inspect, conduct accident investigations and manage health and safety concerns.


Step 1: The Health and Safety Committee, made up of the Client Service Director, Human Resource Manager, Administrative Executive, and Finance Officer, shall coordinate all health and safety issues.

Step 2: The Committee shall train all new employees, vendors, and suppliers on the Company’s Health and Safety policy within 72 hours.

Step 3: All employees, vendors, and suppliers shall sign off that they have gone through the company’s Health and Safety policy after the training.

Step 4: Every employee, vendor, supplier, and visitor shall actively scan their environment and report any potential and hazardous situation to the Health and Safety Committee.

Step 5: The Health and Safety Committee shall take action to remove or rectify the hazardous situation as quickly as practicable.

Policy Number: HRP005/2021

Policy Statement: The Company will educate, and promote safe behavior to minimize the spread of Covid-19 among staff, and visitors.


  • Security Guard will take the temperature of all staff and visitors at the entrance of the company. If the temperature is 380 and above; the person will wait outside and the Administrative Executive will attend to him/her and follow the Covid-1 9 protocols.
  • If a staff calls in sick, his Manager shall inquire about the nature of the sickness and give him appropriate advice.
  • A staff who feels unwell and has Covid-19 symptoms should inform his manager and visit the company’s medical facility for investigation and care.
  • The company will be responsible for all the medical bills of staff who are fully vaccinated and have contracted Covid-19 and support him/her during the course of the quarantine period. If a staff who has not vaccinated contracts Covid-19, the company will neither pay for the medical bills nor the quarantine period.
  • If you have been identified to have had close contact with someone who is confirmed to have an infection with COVID-19 while they were infectious, you must watch out for the following symptoms: Fever, Cough, Shortness of breath chills, body aches, sore throat, headache and runny nose, muscle pain or diarrhea. Close contact is someone who had face-to-face contact for at least 1 5 minutes or has been in the same closed space for at least 2 hours with someone who has tested positive for the COVID-19.
  • Every positive tested case must be reported to the Line Manager and the Human Resource Manager.

Step 1: If a staff member does not feel well and has Covid-19 symptoms, he/she must stay at home and inform his Line Manager to discuss further proceedings.

Step 2: If a staff member suspects to be infected with the coronavirus due to having contact with a positively tested person, he/she must inform the Line Manager and strictly follow Covid-19 protocols. If he/she develops symptoms, a test has to be done at the Trust Hospital or any government accredited Covid-19 testing center.

Step 3: The staff shall inform his Line Manager and the HR Manager of the outcome of his Covid-19 test results.

Step 4: An employee who tests positive to Covid-19 will be re-tested based on the advice of the medical officers. The person must obtain a negative status before returning to work.

Step 5: The negative Convid-19 test results will be given to the employee’s Line Manager and HR Manager before resumption.

Policy Number: HRP006/2021


The Company aims for continuous improvement in the quality of its works and services offered to clients, and to ensure that they are delivered to utmost quality bearing in mind the uniqueness of each client.


We strongly believe in and implement a three-eye principle to ensure quality services and products at all times. At least three persons review all work before it is sent to the Client.

  • All work from the Creative Department is reviewed and approved by the Creative Coordinate before it is sent to the Client Service Person.
  • The Client Service Person reviews the work and sends it to the Client Service Director for review and approval.
  • All proposal from the Company is reviewed by the Client Service Director and sent to the Chief Executive Officer for final review and approval.
  • All production work (print, radio, audiovisuals) is reviewed and approved by the Client Service Director, Creative Co-ordinator, and the Procurement Manager and then sent to the Client.