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About Us

The use of social networks to sell or market products and services has proved over and over to be a cost effective and convenient way to reach targets with specific products and services which are suited to their needs and interests.

This highly layered marketing tool though quite simple at the onset requires in-depth understanding and a high level of strategic thinking and skill to ensure a good return on investment.

Hence the need for professional expertise to be employed in navigating the various steps to ensure maximum benefit in their usage.

Origin8 Ltd, with its vast experience in this terrain – qualified digital marketing team supported by a strong technical support through its partnership with Tarika Technologies -delivers unparalleled benefits to clients in this fast-paced industry.

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Search Engine

This is the most crucial part of digital marketing strategy, as it involves optimization of website content with keywords for more visibility, traffic and sales.


A digital marketing strategy involves conducting advertising campaigns with a budget, relevant keywords, demographics, and geographical locations, to drive conversions.

Social Media

This involves creating and managing social profiles on social media platforms, conducting campaigns, and interacting with the audience for enhanced brand recognition.


This form of marketing is done by sending promotional emails to the masses to inform and educate them about the brand value and generate leads.

Mobile App

It involves mobile app optimization for improving the visibility of mobile apps, increased downloads and installations.


This is marketing with high-quality content at a consistent level, for building a positive brand image which is important for driving leads and sales.



Research to uncover the real issues

Strategic planning to come up with solutions

Share the solution with our target – Promotion

Get their reactions – monitoring

Check if the solutions are working – Evaluate

Share evidence of effectiveness with you. – Reporting

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Services & timelines

Content Strategy

  • Idea Generation
  • Content Development
  • Creative Design & production

Promotional Strategy

  • Media Planning
  • Buying
  • Management
  • Monitoring & Reporting

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How important is digital marketing for any business?

Today the entire world has turned digital, so has the field of marketing. There are 3.97 billion internet users, a huge percentage of this shops online. This makes it very crucial for brands to go for digital marketing.

What is included in digital marketing services?

Digital marketing services include all the activities to boost brand image, such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Data Analysis and further Planning, Affiliate Marketing and Email Marketing.

What services do a full-service digital marketing agency provide?

A full service digital marketing agency provides services to enhance the digital presence of a business, such as website designing & development, content writing/marketing, social media management, SEO and SEM.

What skill sets should a full service digital marketing agency have?

A full service digital marketing agency must have expertise in social media marketing, analysis and execution of drip marketing campaigns, proficiency in WordPress, analysis of quantifiable metrics and a smart mix of creative and analytical abilities.

I have a business in Accra, Ghana. Is it compulsory for me to own a website?

Of course, every business based anywhere in the world needs to market itself digitally, and a website is the first step towards this journey. It represents your business in the digital/virtual space.

If I get a website, would I still need digital marketing services?

Definitely! Simply having a website does not mean that people would come to know of your brand automatically. You still need to market your business through your website. Hire the best digital marketing agency and you will get a dedicated team of digital marketers, designers, writers, etc. who would market your brand digitally.

What are the key differences between digital marketing and traditional marketing?

Digital marketing is way better than traditional marketing, as it reduces the cost of marketing, gets more exposure, generates real time results and is data-driven.

Why should I hire Origin8 for digital marketing services?

Origin8 is a value-driven digital marketing agency, that has a dedicated team of digital marketers, who with their experience and expertise, provide complete digital marketing solutions to the businesses from all industry-types. Our strategies are devised on the basis of ongoing trends and techniques, and are focused at achieving long-term goals.

Does digital marketing really generate desired results?

Yes, it does! Of course, you need to make sure that you are devising right strategies, and implementing them the right way, while keeping a constant tab on performance charts.

In how much time, does digital marketing show results?

Well, there is no specific time frame within which the results get visible, as there are many factors responsible for that, such as the business requirements, goals, objectives, industry-type, competitors, among others.

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