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Media Relations Management

This is the writing and placement of news stories about an organisation and its products in various media without paying an advertising commercial rate. This creates awareness and less expensive compared to placing commercial advertising in the media. Every corporate organisation needs to build a strong brand reputation. Currently, Insurance companies need to continue to build their brand reputation to attract more customers. This is done through developing the right public relations content and engaging the right media to share the information with the public. Content is key in ensuring that organisations create positive impact on the minds of the public.

Digital Public Relations

Digital Public Relations is using online platforms to reach wide range of target audience and build online brand reputation. Digital PR is needed by Corporate Organisations such as insurance companies to continue to build their reputation online.

Digital PR can increase website visits significantly. It can further lead to discovery of valuable content as well as gain more ranking from search engines. Additionally, it helps in digital marketing and managing brand reputation online. Digital PR will help build and manage brand reputation virtually in support of the traditional marketing activities.

Digital PR is usually executed using online communication channels including social media and corporate websites. This is done through development of tailor-made content using text and visuals. It is further promoted on digital platforms such as social media handles and company website.

Brand Reputation Management

Brand reputation is having strong and superior asset which benefits the company in terms of loyalty and stability of future sales. Also, brand reputation is the customer’s perception about the company and further impacts the customer’s trust about the organisation.

Every corporate organisation needs to build a strong brand reputation. Currently, Insurance companies need to continue to build their brand reputation to attract more customers. Brand reputation plays a key role in developing the company’s visibility and market position.

Furthermore, building a strong brand reputation helps in making a difference in product and service through recognition and perception. Building brand reputation is done using online and offline communication platforms. Brand Reputation Building involves building strong value proposition for the organisation’s products and service as well as strong brand image to meet customer’s expectations.

Corporate Social Value (CSV)

Corporate Social Value (CSV) are organisational policies aimed at improving company results and subsequently benefiting shareholders and stakeholders through a balanced relationship. CSV focuses on societal and economic connections for mutual benefit. CSV is key for mining and oil firms due to the impact of their operations on communities and the environment.

It helps companies satisfy the demands and expectations of society and stakeholders and also responsible for solving issues related to their business operations. This is done in selected communities and promoted online and offline in line with the organisation’s policies for enhanced brand image and reputation. CSV is done through development of company policies and programs aimed at increasing market share and volume.


  • Enhanced brand reputation and image

  • Top of mind awareness among the public

  • Strong stakeholder and communication relations

  • Optimized website and visits


Initial contact about request

Origin8 shares a PR brief for completion by client

Origin8 reviews brief and drafts a proposal

Client reviews the proposal and shares feedback

Proposal is finalized with budget for approval.

Origin8 creates content for client’s review and approval

Implementation starts

Monitoring of PR campaign and reporting

Evaluation and submission of post campaign report

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is traditional media still relevant?

Yes, traditional media in Ghana remain key in the sales and marketing effort of brands. It has a way of breaking through the clutter and giving your brand a competitive edge over the others.

What type of Out-Of-Home Signages do you have for rental?

Billboards, median signs and lamp post

Do you have billboards across Ghana?

Yes, we own billboards across the 16 regions of Ghana.

Why should I hire Origin8?

With over two decades of experience in the Ghanaian advertising landscape, we offer our clients the best media rates whilst providing them with engaging media content that drives customer results.

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