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Once the copy and art are finalized, the advertisement is sent to the production department for further process. Both the departments, copy and art, create the basic model of the advertisement. The production department takes the advertisement into its final stage. Production interacts with external suppliers working on advertising campaigns, such as printers, photographers and video production. A production manager heads the production department.

Functions include:

  Producing of final advertisements for the markets..

  Making contacts in the industry for the easy carrying out of tasks.

  Sending the final product to client was spelt cclient for approval.

  Once the approval is received, it is sent for final printing or production for the market.


A professional, will work earnestly in coordinating activities needed in preparing advertisements for print or broadcast and supervise the production of ad campaign materials. The professional will also select the style of advertisements based on other design factors.

The professional will not only submit copies of ad materials to printing firms, but carefully examine layout proofs and determine items to edit as necessary.


At Origin8, we really understand advertising production and procedures involved in serving ads in various media platforms. We are creative, proactive, detail-oriented and we do not compromise meeting deadlines.

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