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Offline Media Buying

Regardless of the evolution of the digital space, traditional media still remains a valuable pillar for advertising and marketing activities of most brands in Ghana. These platforms (radio, TV, print and billboards) reach out and engage various audience to build strong brand awareness and visibility, sell products and services, and generate leads, among others for the growth of businesses.

Online Media Buying

Origin8 makes reaching your audience easier by procuring online space and time for your marketing content. We ensure that your display banners and video ads are strategically placed on appropriate online platforms to yield maximum results.


  • Wider audience reach

  • Reach target audience at the right time and place

  • Increase brand awareness and visibility

  • Generate leads and build trust for the brand

  • Value-based marketing

Our Media Process

Understanding requirement (Campaign objective, target audience, duration, etc.)

Budget planning and

Content development and production (Where the client does not provide any material for use i.e. radio jingle, LPM script, TV Ad, artworks for billboard/web banner)

Sharing of media schedule/selected billboard locations for approval

Flighting of campaign /billboards

Monitoring and Reporting

Evaluation and sharing of campaign report

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is traditional media still relevant?

Yes, traditional media in Ghana remain key in the sales and marketing effort of brands. It has a way of breaking through the clutter and giving your brand a competitive edge over the others.

What type of Out-Of-Home Signages do you have for rental?

Billboards, median signs and lamp post

Do you have billboards across Ghana?

Yes, we own billboards across the 16 regions of Ghana.

Why should I hire Origin8?

With over two decades of experience in the Ghanaian advertising landscape, we offer our clients the best media rates whilst providing them with engaging media content that drives customer results.

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