Go Girl Ghana (GGG) and Origin8 have initiated discussions aimed at a partnership to help promote girl child education and sustainable social change within the Awutu Senya District in the Central region.

GGG, a registered NGO both in the Netherlands and Ghana, seeks to empower in and out of school girls in the age range of 12 and 21 years girls and their communities to improve girl education and give girls a better place in their society.

GGG aims are to mobilize girl groups and building on self-empowerment and strengths; changing parents’ perception on girls’ equality and the importance of girl education; provide better access to information on reproductive health, personal hygiene and family planning and promote inclusive community ownership.

GGG believes that by training, inspiring and mobilising the communities to think of community based solutions, they will take ownership of the challenges that they face and work together. This way they are on the road to sustainable social change and the improvement of girls’ education.

Origin8 is the Only True Integrated Marketing Communications Company (IMC) in Ghana. Origin8 started as a traditional advertising company about two decades ago, developing concepts and producing television and radio commercials, and billboards; and making waves and championing the industry. Origin8 has expanded its services to include Research, Public Relations, Digital Media Advertising and Events Management.

During a courtesy call on the Chief Executive Officer of Origin8, William Ansah, Executive Director of GGG, Leonie Heppener said partnering with Origin8, an Integrated Marketing Communication company is Ghana is one of the key approaches to creating awareness about the project and sustaining it.

Mrs. Heppener added that the project will involve working with various stakeholders including the District Health Directorate and the District Education Directorate, who have already supported the project in principle.

She added that the “education and health directorates in the area lack the funds to make a meaningful change in the district and have welcomed Go Girl Ghana to work together with them on improving girl education and contribute to addressing the challenges that go with this objective.”

“GGG has strong ties with the communities through our local personnel and the organisation has gained support from Chiefs and community elders. In addition, GGG only works with national volunteers from the respective communities, which enhances a high likelihood for community action/local response,” GGG Executive Director noted.

CEO of Origin8, William Ansah expressed Origin8’s readiness to support such a project noting that communication is key in promoting and sustaining the project over the period.

Mr. Ansah stated that such projects can be promoted through integrated development communication approaches such as advocacy, social mobilization, lobbying, and networking among others.

According to him, Origin8 has expertise in development communication and is ready to share its experience with GGG for the success of the project in the Awutu Senya District.

As part of the collaboration, Origin8 will assist GGG with development communications strategies and tactics aimed at mobilizing community support for the project. In addition, Origin8 will assist GGG with media publicity activities using the various channels to reach out to the various stakeholders.