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ORIGIN8 LIMITED started operations in 1998.With our strong and passionate team, Origin8 continues to build on its successes both locally and internationally.We give thanks to our clear corporate vision, mission and values.

Our purpose is serving the world by cutting through the noise that challenges the world to provide an unparallel insight from a Ghanaian context. The insights and quality services we provide help build trust and confidence in our clients.

Ghana and the world have recognized our contributions over these years and therefore crowned us with numerous awards in Ghana, West Africa and Europe

We are a member of QC100, a quality assurance body; member Chartered Institute of Marketers Ghana(CIMG); member Institute of Public Relations(IPR) and member Advertising Association of Ghana(AAG)

Our Mission

To combine knowledge and technology to create marketable value for products and services

Our Vision

To unveil creativity that speaks to the mind, sight and hearing to the world.

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Our Core Values

Open Mindedness

We love to brainstorm to garner the best ideas to facilitate work, build consensus, and solve problems. We are receptive to different viewpoints and ideas; and evaluate issues objectively.


We value persons who are honest and exhibit strong morals. At Origin8, our promise of professionalism to each other and our clients make integrity central to our values, mission and vision.

Right Attitude

Honesty and strong morals are the bedrock of our business. Integrity is core to our promise of professionalism to each other and our valued clients. We value persons with good behaviours and manners, and persons who are time conscious.


We value effort and devotion. Attention and dedication to dutyare key to serving our clients and meeting their objectives and expectations.


Breakthrough ideas and creative thoughts are essential to our evolving industry.We welcome change as an opportunity and promote a work environment that offers employees avenues for growth and development.


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