Market Research And Consultancy

We offer specialized and targeted market research on your behalf by directly dealing with potential customers. We help you understand your target market and how to reach them.

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Customer satisfaction surveys help businesses understand their customers better. This survey seeks to find out whether your product/service meets the customer’s needs/expectations; and whether they are satisfied with the outcome of the product use. It also helps you assess your customer service or support. Customer satisfaction surveys can help you understand the taste(s) of your market; and improve on products or services, improve on customer service, and meet market demands.

Brand Positioning/Repositioning

Brand positioning refers to the place that a brand occupies in the minds of the customers and how it is distinguished from other competing products. In order to position your brand, you need to know the benefits customers/users attribute to your brand. This will help decipher the distinguishing features of the brand that need to be worked on, in gaining the position the brand aspires to. This can also help reposition the brand.

Communication Skills and Customer Care

This training is structured to teach customer-facing personnel in public institutions how to communicate effectively with customers; the dos and don’ts, and the language of customer care. Trainees will also be taken through the principles and characteristics of effective customer care, and how to analyse customer feedback.

Communication Assessment Survey

This survey analyses the efficiency of a company’s communications. Customer-centered organisations can assess external communications, while big organisations with many employees can also assess their internal communications. The organisation can improve communication to boost performance internally or externally.

The survey may evaluate how employees feel, assess employee engagement and information flow, and analyse employee perspective about what to communicate and how often. Customers can also share their preferred communication modes, so the organisation is well-informed on the best channels/media to use.

Report Writing & Presentation for Supervisors and Managers

This training is structured to teach/refresh Supervisors and Managers in public institutions report writing. Trainees will also be guided in the development of presentations in different formats, and techniques in doing presentations.

Brand Perception Survey

This survey helps the organisation gather views and perceptions about their brand. This helps the organisation measure how effective they are being with their output, and marketing communications. It also informs on what needs to be done to achieve the brand reputation they aspire to.

Customer Relationship Management Training

This training package is tailored to help Customer/Client Service personnel manage customer relationships efficiently to exceed customer expectation. The primary objective of this training is to share tried and tested best practices in customer service delivery.

Brand Awareness Research

The brand awareness research will help assess the degree of consumer recognition of a product by its name. Creating brand awareness is a key step in promoting a new product or reviving an older brand. It will also help gather information on the qualities of the brand, and how it distinguishes itself from its competition. The research could provide information on how the brand could be set apart from the competition.

Customer Expectation Survey

This research helps organisations to understand their customers and their needs or expectations. The survey may gather information on the product needs of the users, and when they use them. This information guides in product creation or customization, and also marketing.

Internal Communication and Writing for Managers

The internal communication training is important for HR officers, administrative officers, line managers, and managers in general. The sessions will look at the various ways of communicating with staff, and how to write memos, reports, and other forms of business writing.

Online Marketing and Communication

The internet is a place to increase visibility and build relationships with customers or clients. This training is structured to teach the rubrics of online marketing. It will help trainees understand how to harness the internet for marketing and communication, and monitoring; touching on media, content, and how to interact and communicate with clients or prospects online.