There is always a temptation to head straight into a project by immediately thinking of clever concepts. But it’s of no use being clever with the way you say your message if it isn’t the right message.

  • You need to dig for the real facts about the product and find the real reason why people would want to buy it.
  • You should also have a very clear understanding of the reason for the advertising.
  • You need a pure strategy which will help to develop the single-minded selling proposition of the ad/campaign.

Communication should follow the principles of relevance, surprise and reward. This cannot be achieved without the right preparation.

These logical steps are essential in the process of creating effective advertising.

“Great Copy inspires creativity!”


Idea Generation:

Team origin8 Ltd will always tap into our highly skilled team to brainstorm and set the tone for the generation of solid ideas that bring solutions to client challenges.

Concept development & copywriting:

Concept Development:

We develop tailor-made solutions that solve challenges faced by your brand. These are borne out of research, strategic thinking through formless ideas to developing key messages that are creatively executed for desired results.


We script text to support a creative direction in creating awareness and aid customers to take the required action or choose the said product on offer.



  1. Refreshed brand voice
  2. Affords opportunity for redirection
  3. Allows better engagement with target
  4. Improves your ROI in the long term.


  1. Gives you brand another creative avenue to communicate with target.
  2. If properly done, holds target’s interest for your brand.
  3. Provides the brand with a platform to explain the creative direction in a succinct way.


Research – Brainstorm – Script – Review – Test – Finalize